4 travel tips for Pokémon trainer

Are you in the middle of planning a holiday trip, but don’t want to miss out on your Pokémon adventure? We know what will help – a handy guide to maximize your adventure abroad and who knows – for the die-hard Pokémon aficionados such as Nick Johnson, this may even determine where you’ll travel to “catch ‘em all” and adds a unique flare to your holiday experience.


1. Discover new attractions through Pokéstops

Have you noticed people gathering around train stations or well-known landmarks? Pokestops are usually portals at locations that are significant landmarks, mostly cultural or artistic things. You know these sources are trustable because Niantic will only approve these places from submissions











People are gathering together thanks to gyms and lures set by store owners. And while doing so, they’ve happened to come across great places to eat or explore. A number of places are designated as “Poke stops”, where players can restock on items like pokéballs and Pokémon eggs. Whichever type of Pokemon trainer you are, you will find yourself lured into attractions for different purpose, whether you may have just caught a Pokemon character or simply chanced upon a favourable place


2. Snap pictures of Pokémon at iconic landmarks

Although some believe that taking photographs while sightseeing might make you remember less, I realized the importance of staying present and not rush through life from past holiday trips. Photographing while on a holiday actually allows you to notice the object and strike some thoughts about it with proper discretion.



You will find yourself in awe at how extraordinary pictures can get when travelers pose picture of these critters on social accounts. Spice up your experience when you’re visiting iconic landmarks such as Sydney harbour famous for modern expressionist design and perhaps Colosseum in Rome, one of the “seven wonders of the world”. From monuments to national animals, snap a picture and pose with kangaroos while battling with a Pokemon in Australia


Holiday experience is never the same ever since Pokémon Go takes the world by storm. Whether or not this phenomenon will last through years, you can look back and know that you catch em in many parts of the world. Next time you aim for perfect shot on your travels, capture or pose away with your Pokémon


3. Catch some of the rarest regional Pokémon

The rarest kinds are Tauros, Kangaskhan, Mr. Mime and Farfetch’d that are region-locked among all 151 of Pokemon. So, keep a look out you’re travelling to any of these countries so you can catch one of these rare Pokemons











Tauros (see above) is known to be a persistent Pokémon that targets an enemy and furiously charges forward until something was hit. You can find him in a barren area of land such as deserts, sand dunes, and beaches. A perfect opportunity for Pokemon hunting when you’re planning to visit the Niagara Falls and Mount Rushmore in North America. > Last spotted in North America



Much like Tauros, Kangaskhan that needed no introduction is also said to be region specific. This Pokémon name stands short for two words -“kangaroo” with Genghis Khan (infamous real-life ancient Mongol warlord). With its unique scenery, wildlife, white-sand beaches, Australia is always rated as a place to explore. So, at any point when you stop at city or parks, fish out your phone to battle em out. You might end up catching Kangaskhan on your way to Kangaroo Island during your road trip. > Last spotted in Australia / New Zealand










Mr. Mime (see above), a unique humanoid Pokémon acting as a mime where you can catch this interesting Pokémon while fulfilling your dream holiday in Europe. Your best bet is you’ll find your luck anywhere within Europe including city centres like London > Last spotted in Europe & UK



Last but not least, you have Farfetch’d that is a rare duck-like Pokémon wielding a plant stalk, hence the name ‘Far Fetched’. As this Pokémon has ability to fly, you’ll have better luck catching it in places such as city centres and park > Last spotted in Japan / South Korea


4. Bond with friendly local community overseas

A lot has been talked about of Pokemon GO but the most interesting part about this game is the social aspect – it’s bringing people together in a way PC games simply never do. Pokemon Go has achieved the impossible by creating an viral gaming community. It is appealing to mostly everyone and not being selectively only because this game is appreciated by people from all walks of life.

The experience is positive and supportive that allows you to share a common goal / interest with others between young kids, senior citizens, parents, teens, middle-aged adults, and everything in-between from all around the world. And, perhaps best of all, the game never really puts you in direct competition with anyone else.

Although you can fight for control of gyms from other Pokemon trainers, you never are fighting them directly – even so, your victory or loss is only for a short period of time until the gyms change team by the next hour. There is no real hurt feeling when there is a loss. This means when you can always find yourself in good vibes throughout your quest while travelling. Whenever you feel stuck, you can get to know culturally and linguistically diverse peoples around you to learn together as a Pokemon community

There are already events being formed around Pokemon GO you can go to as you see neighborhoods everywhere are being filled with trainers who are inadvertently being made to socialize with others in nature. Pokemon Go Walk in Sydney has recently made headline when 2,000 trainers showed up in Opera House at same time for same mission together!


Catch ’em all wherever you are!


Indeed, this game is praised to promote physical exercise and bring people together. You’ve even heard of introverts and stay-at-home families going out more because of the fun and passion they have with the game. Pokémon Go suddenly makes outdoor travelling more appealing than most people’s comfort zone at home, like how USS lured trainers with admission discounts

Charge forward, fellow trainers – Travel and catch ’em all, nothing is more meaningful than your experience that you bring home!


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