Short getaways – the list of destinations you need!

Short getaways are the best retreats to recharge when you just don’t have the time and need a breather.

Whether you’re drowning at work or going crazy with the never-ending things to do on your list, a little break and foot off the gas could do wonders for your health and relationships. Just for you, we’ve put together a long list of short getaway destinations to choose from – they’re great for that weekend retreat you truly need!


It’s one of the best destinations all year round and you’ll never go wrong with a quick getaway anywhere in Thailand. Bangkok is definitely one of the best places with great amenities, huge malls, delicious food and fascinating attractions all at affordable rates.



If you’re after a beautiful beach getaway, Phuket is definitely the place to be. Karon Beach offers amazing accommodation options to go along with the picturesque sandy beaches and blue sea – the Movenpick Resort & Spa or Andaman Seaview Hotel are both perfectly located. Your short getaway will slow down time as you gaze into the horizon, sipping cocktails by the beach, with the waves lapping at your feet. Koh Samui is also an amazing beach destination if you’re looking for a more exotic location.

Only a few hours away by air, and you gain an hour in time difference – it’s a sweet deal with all the packages we have!




Another great destination for a short getaway is neighbouring Indonesia. From Bali to Lombok to Jakarta City, whichever you choose will guarantee you a wonderful weekend of relaxation.

Indonesia is reputed for its bustling cities and tranquil countrysides. If you’re planning a quick getaway, plan your trip such that you don’t get caught in traffic and queues to maximize your time. One great advice is to avoid the traveling one hour before the peak hours and lunchtime – that’s when the traffic gets crazy in the big cities!



A great retreat spot is Bali. With Kuta known for its beaches (and the higher number of travelers), Uluwatu, Ubud and Seminyak are great retreat options – they’re a distance away from the party and this means more privacy for you if you’re looking for a nice retreat.



We recommend ALILA Hotel & Resort, the Anantara and several more – they’ve got good promotions such as land packages, discounts off F&B and spas and even 3rd night free on selected accommodation! Check them out!


As our closest neighbour, Malaysia has always been a convenient and suitable option for a quick getaway. Just the thought of how quick you’re crossing the border should be good enough reason – less time on the roads, more time on the float at the pool!

Penang is one of the best states in Malaysia as a holiday spot – there’s a booming café culture in a state well-known for its white beaches and world-famous food. It’s a laid back atmosphere everywhere you go, whether you’re on an exclusive retreat or a shopping spree weekend, you’ll never want to miss the local food and culture. Stay at the Golden Sands Resort – a 3-course set dinner is complimentary for every 2 nights booked!



If you’re looking for lush surroundings and nature to envelope you as you recharge, Kota Kinabalu is an amazing destination. Stay at Shangri-La’s Rasa Ria Resort and enjoy the beauty of Kota Kinabalu from your balcony.


Here’s a little tip when you travel to Malaysia – the locals love spice, so local food (especially the Malay food) is sometimes a little spicy for tourists. Remember to request for less chili or for it to be separated from your food – that way everyone can enjoy some tantalizing local cuisine! Here’s a good article on the best eats in Malaysia to help you out.

Other short getaways

With short getaways, a little creativity always goes a long way. Beyond just the spots above, you can also try Japan, Korea and Taiwan for something more exciting getaway if you have a couple more days to spare – just make sure you plan your time-off or annual leave smartly, along with any promotions that could make your short getaway deal even sweeter! Check out our short getaway promotions for greater savings!


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