6 New Year Resolutions For Avid Travelers

The beginning of a new year signals an opportunity for a fresh start to reflect on resolutions that matters to you. You may strive to be healthier, learn something new or just be a better, more optimistic person by exploring new places.

When it comes to travel, everything eventually boils down to knowing what you are looking for and then planning the nitty-gritty details from booking your trip early to choosing the right dates and people with you. Checkout these travel bucket list that we’ve put together in welcoming 2018.

“Travel More in Year 2018”

Planning your trip early is highly recommended when you travel with a group of family or friends. The trickiest part is to source for activities that accommodates everyone of different preferences and age range. You can save a great deal with you book flights, hotels, tours, car rentals and transfers. The best way is to sign up for deals or otherwise you have to occasionally look out for travel websites. After all, booking your trip early lets you save up to travel more.

If you find yourself wanting to cover more places, you should opt for weekend trips instead of being tied to a single destination for the entire week. Having short trips that covers many places will give you more opportunity to set your footprints in different countries within a year. To spice things up further, try a new travel style if you have not decided on a holiday.

“Go On My First Road Trip”

Some of the most unforgettable memories are the unexpected ones when you spontaneously head off for a road trip holiday with friends.  Road trips are mostly for the once in the lifetime experience that will never slip your mind.

Australia’s tops our overall list of road trip destination for its breathtaking scenic route, famous landmarks and native wildlife

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Take the wheel in a foreign country during weekends to experience this kind of impromptu vacation that lets you freely stop by at restaurants / attractions of your interest throughout your trip. Once you get a strong sense of familiarity with road trips, you can start to challenge yourself to drive on the other side of the road in countries such as US, Canada and Europe, which will be truly rewarding.

For those who prefer things to pan out nicely in advance, keep an eye for self drive tour packages.

“Chase The Southern Lights”

‘Northern Lights’ or  ‘aurora borealis’ is a mysterious light show, similar to neon lights caused by the collision of charged particles from the sun’s atmosphere into our atmosphere. Legends from the indigenous people hold various beliefs relating to the spirits of ancestors.

Closer to us is the ‘Southern Lights’ or “aurora australis’ that can be found in Tasmania sometime between March – September period. Auroras tend not to be very noticeable at times unless you take some shots with your camera using long exposure setting. Start preparing yourself for this trip by reading this comprehensive guide put together by a Singaporean travel photographer.

“Learn History From Sacred Temples”

Most of city folks tend to feel drawn to the idea of travelling to scared sites. These natural spots tend to have spiritual and religious meaning leading to the culture we know today attributing to the history across the world. Some of the world’s greatest sacred places are Angkor Wat, Easter Island, Machu Picchu, Perta, The Colosseum and The Parthenon. History makes a destination interesting because these places lets you appreciate artifacts from museums to old building architecture. You can broaden your list to include unexpected places that you’ve chosen for your holiday such as Hahndorf, Australia’s Oldest Surviving German Village.

Such holiday trip is a great exposure to know what it’s like to be surrounded by ancient sights in a historical atmosphere that you’ve known since childhood. Or, you can opt for a local tour guide to learn as much as you can about the interesting stories behind each sacred monument.

“Travel Solo In A Foreign Country”

Travelling solo in unknown places can be an intimidating yet considered one of the most rewarding experience because of the unpredictability at your discretion. There are different ways to travel alone where you have the complete freedom to decide your comfortable level of travel pace, schedule, budget and food options that benefits you the most. Another advantage is you’ll have the opportunity to meet people from walking tours / day excursions and possibly bump into an old friend who’s connected by just six degrees of separation. Plus, you never know what interesting people you’ll meet throughout your day. Locals tend to be more interested in people who travel independently in their country, be more engaging and be willing to help you out. You might also find yourself learning a few words of an entirely new language to converse with the locals.

Try travelling alone at least once in your lifetime. Be comfortable in yourself, rely on yourself on difficult times, enjoy things dramafree and notice the minutiae of your surroundings.

“See Bioluminescent In Maldives”

There’s a good news for frequent Maldives holiday-goers, they might actually get lucky to witness the natural occurrence of shimmering ocean in late night. This is caused by bioluminescent plankton that glows as a survival mechanism, shifting the predator’s attention to the flicker of light when provoked. For that reason, catching bioluminescent plankton involves an element of sheer luck for this reason. Maldives remains a famous place to visit for its sun, sands and sea, where you have the opportunity to join various marine activities such as mantra ray feeding session.

Let us know how you plan to achieve these resolutions. We recommend you to start looking now to book your trip in advance.

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