5 Tips When Traveling With Children

Traveling with the family is a memorable experience every time. If you’re traveling with children for the first time, it is an apprehensive endeavor. Keeping them entertained during transit and the travels have always been challenging.

With all the journeying that needs to be done when you’re on holiday, here are five tips to keep your children healthy, busy and involved throughout the trip.

Wipes and sanitizers

When traveling to another country, baby wipes and hand sanitizers are travel must-haves in all forms, even if your kids are no more in diapers. You may sometimes be in situations where washing hands may not be possible, so the wipes and sanitizers will definitely come in handy.

Most countries have wipes and sanitizers on sale at the supermarkets or pharmacies, so you can top up your stash when you’ve arrived. If you however require a specific type or brand, plan in advance and do some research to find out if these will be available to you when you are at your destination.

Personal bags of toys

If your children are still young, pack them their own little bag of toys. This will keep them occupied throughout the journey. Colouring books, crayons, sticker books and such are common favourites amongst parents and children.

If you have only one child, it would be easy to keep her occupied with your tablet or device with children apps all downloaded for the trip. If you plan to do so, just make sure you have extra battery packs ready. A tablet that shuts down halfway through a cartoon is worse than having no entertainment at all.

Little snack packs for everyone

They should also have their own snack packs. Never bring just one bag of chips, one bottle of drink, or anything that requires sharing. Each child should have their little personal packs so that there wouldn’t be any little quarrels and unhappiness along the way.

Snacks, gum or their comfort drink would help keep them calm especially if it’s their first time on board a cruise or plane. Takeoff, docking and landing can be a little scary even for a ten-year-old, so make sure you also explain to them what is happening to ease them into their first and memorable travel experience.

Keep medication handy

A common mistake is to pack medicine for the children in the luggage you’re checking in. The main reason for this lapse is that the medication take up too much space and they are not all placed in one bag.

A great way to circumvent this is to ensure the medicine bottles and pills are packed in their optimal quantities and placed in a small travel kit. This travel kit should fit into your carry-on bag. Some prescribed medication may require a physician’s letter. Consult your child’s doctor if necessary.

Take your time

Have you ever tried peeling your kid off the playground when he’s still having the time of his life? When traveling with children, they are not interested in keeping time to sticking to your overly-packed schedule.

To ensure you don’t spoil their fun (and your mood), plan for extra time. This will accommodate the extra toilet breaks, the tantrums, crying, and slow eaters. It will also give them a little more time at their favourite spots.

A stress-free family holiday begins with proper and meticulous planning. This is always possible as long as you plan in advance. If you ever need help, remember your travel agent is on hand to offer to as much assistance as they can to make your holiday a memorable experience together.

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