4 travel tips for Pokémon trainer

Are you in the middle of planning a holiday trip, but don’t want to miss out on your Pokémon adventure? We know what will help – a handy guide to maximize your adventure abroad and who knows – for the die-hard Pokémon aficionados such as Nick Johnson, this may even determine where you’ll travel to “catch ‘em all” and adds a unique flare to your holiday experience. Continue reading “4 travel tips for Pokémon trainer”

Pokémon Go – what’s all the fuss?

If you see bunches of people strolling around or in circles, in parks, below HDB flats or train stations, they’re probably trying to catch one of those Pidgeotto or Rattatta. Even I myself am one of them and right now in my own journey, I’m a stage 7 trainer of Team Mystic.

You know life has changed when everyone at home, work or school have eyes glued to the phone searching for virtual critters lurking around. This is THE sight screaming Pokémon GO has made its way to our little red dot! Mark this date forever- its release on August 8th 2016.

Quick Facts about Pokemon Go  

Pokemon Go was initially released in certain countries such as Australia and US last July 2016.

The excitement and fuss is about how augmented reality game encourages you to become a better player using real world geography as your map to locate, capture, battle and train your hidden Pokemon – cartoon characters made popular in the 1990s on your phone screen. This is even more fun done with friends or fellow players near you (and family? wink wink) as you travel all over Singapore.

Over the past few weeks, extraordinary Pokémon -related stories have never failed to amuse us as they make their way to news’ headlines, like the time how players flocks in a single location and another time when someone quits job to be a full-time Pokémon trainer

Whether you are a Pokémon trainer destined catch ’em all or looking to level up as the most powerful, the game sticks true to Pokémon’s theme catchy phrase – “You teach me and I’ll teach you (Po-ke-mo-on)”. Playing Pokémon has a different experience for every player, and this app doesn’t come with detailed instructions, making it instinctive. All you need to do is throw the ball to catch one. Trainers are encouraged to help each other, and today we will talk about how to level up even when you’re traveling.

Still confused with playing the game? Simply follow these best 4 tips to level up shared by an experienced Pokémon trainer:-

  • Evolve all of pidgey, weedle and caterpie you’ve been catching unintentionally
  • Use your lucky eggs and hatch ’em all
  • Visit parks or malls where you’ll find certain type of Pokémon
  • Travel with friends now that it gets interesting

Enough said… Tell me how to catch ’em all during my travel already