Bula, we’ve launched our new Fiji website!

We are pleased to announce release of a new website with the latest information and holiday packages Fiji has to offer to everyone.

To celebrate and commemorate our launch, we are giving away 2 x return flight tickets to Fiji. Avid travelers or those keen to have a lucky opportunity to visit Fiji are invited to participate in our contest by registering through this link

Representing Fiji Airways as General Sales Agent in Singapore, Jetabout Holidays strives to better provide innovative resources, latest promotions and first-hand experience for those looking to make their trip from Singapore to Fiji happen through a simple and easy-to-use platform

We value the feedback of our customers and business partners, so please drop us an e-mail at deals@fijipackages.com.sg for suggestions on improving any areas of our website

Check out our Fiji holiday packages website by visiting http://www.fijipackages.com.sg

Image credit: Fiji Airways (fijiairways.com / marketing collateral)