Blogger Interview: Delightful Darwin!

Our contest winner, Sebastian Wee shares his recent trip experience to Darwin, the most northern capital city of Australia! A first year Real Estate Student at the National University of Singapore, Sebastian’s love for traveling began when he was young and the wanderlust spark ignited during his polytechnic days.

We talked to Sebastian on his trip to Darwin, and let him tell you why you should travel to Darwin and experience this beautiful city for yourself!

Unbridled Darwin

Jetabout Holidays: Sebastian, could you summarize your Darwin trip for the readers?

Sebastian Wee: Darwin’s attractiveness is in its unbridled, natural environment. If you love National Geographic, the expanse the oceans, the vastness of landscapes, you will love Darwin.

Traveling is about going out there to see what most don’t see and to try what most don’t try. Instead of a typical shopping trip, weaving an incredible experience with nature has always led to great holiday memories for me.

Crocodiles and wildlife

Jetabout Holidays: What are your favourite spots in Darwin?

Sebastian Wee: I visit several amazing locations in Darwin and the experience is priceless. I joined the Jumping Crocs & Nature Adventure Day Tour and it was phenomenal. We cruised along the Adelaide River, where more than 1,600 crocodiles reside. I saw first-hand the crocodiles jumping through the air for their meals – it was real-life documentary! The instructor lured the crocodile very skillfully.

The Fogg Dam Conservation Reserve was an amazing location – located at the lower side of the Adelaide River, it’s one of the richer, larger and wilder wetland parks I’ve been to. You’ll get to see diverse wildlife habitat and a rich, thriving ecosystem.

Another incredible experience I had was at the Crocosaurus Cove along Mitchell Street. We had a tour of the museum, reptile shows and watched a film on Darwin. The highlights were when I had to feed the big crocs and the chance to experience the Cage of Death – swimming with crocodiles in a cage! The whole experience was just phenomenal.

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Jetabout Holidays:
How was the landscape like?

Sebastian Wee: Oh yes, the photos don’t do justice! I loved the view, especially at Window on the Wetlands Visitor Centre. I arrived there a little tired from Fogg Dam, but the view made up for everything! It was incredible view all around.


One suggestion I have for anyone who’s trying a walking tour within a reserve is to come prepared. Water bottle is absolutely essential to help you stay hydrated throughout the walk. Sunglasses, sunblock and loose clothing are must-haves!

It’s good to be prepared especially if you’re exploring Kakadu, Australia’s largest national park.

Kakadu National Park

Jetabout Holidays: Kakadu National Park is huge! What did you do there?

Sebastian Wee: Yes, but I didn’t walk all 20,000 square kilometres of the park! In fact the walking part was easy as I also chose to view the national park by air. I decided to go for a panoramic tour via Kakadu Air. When you’re up in the sky looking down, the aerial view of changing landscapes was simply unparalleled, I could see, plateaus, rock formations, trapped waters forming billabongs and floodplains. It was spectacular – if I had to recommend an activity to do, this would be one of them.

[tribulant_slideshow gallery_id=”11″] Another activity I highly recommend is the Yellow Water Cruise. I call it the National Geographic Experience, you have to experience it. I thoroughly enjoyed the cruise and snapped many shots of saltwater crocodiles and birdlife while cruising along the waterways of Yellow Water Billabong (which is also known as the bird lovers’ paradise – it’s thronged with birds!) at the end of South Alligator River.

[tribulant_slideshow gallery_id=”10″] The Kakadu National Park has been on the World Heritage List since 1981 – a testament to its culturally rich history and incredible wildlife. Imagine walking through scenic wetlands, monsoonal vine forests, woodlands, and witnessing a diversity of flora and some of the 117 different types of reptile residing in this Australian icon – it’s a majestic yet humbling experience.

Food and Night Markets

Jetabout Holidays: How about food – did you chomp down interesting Australian meals amidst all the exploration?

Sebastian Wee: I had a delectable feast at Hanuman restaurant, best known as one of the top restaurant in Darwin. Its signature “Hanuman oyster” was interesting because this dish has fusion of Indian and Thai with Australian freshness.  That probably was my favorite meal throughout the trip.


I visited the Parap Village Market that operates every Saturday till 2pm for some incredible breakfast and snacks. Nightcliff Markets was also a great spot for some shopping and more goodies to munch on as you wander around the unique stalls of Asian wares, original handmade crafts, tarot readings and more. The Rapid Creek Big Flea Market is Darwin’s oldest market and it offers fresh organic produce, exotic plant and flowers as well as other stalls selling wares and souvenirs.

When you’re in Darwin, you must visit its markets or your trip here is never complete!

Jetabout Holidays: What’s the best bit of Darwin advice you can give readers of this interview?

Sebastian Wee: Darwin is definitely one of the places to visit while you’re in Australia. It brings a different dimension to a vacation. There are so many things out there we have never encountered and every new place etches itself into our memories, leaving you with experiences that belong to you and you only. Darwin is just that amazing.



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