The World’s First Luxury Thai Hammam

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]matara Resort & Wellness, Phuket, has launched the world’s first luxury Thai Hammam. Blending together traditional Turkish and Moroccan bathing practices with the wisdom and gentleness of authentic Thai spa healing arts, the treatment combines the sensations of pampering, soaking, exfoliating, cleansing, contrasting temperatures, deep massage and calming rejuvenation.

The Thai Hammam Experience at Amatara starts with a traditional sauna followed by a waterfall or jet blast rinse to cool down the body temperature. The guests is then escorted into the Hammam room to have an intensive hair treatment together with a scalp massage before going into the Thai herbal steam room to soften skin and relax muscles. Once the skin is softened, the guest indulges in a full body massage and exfoliation atop an internally warmed stone bed. The Thai Hammam massage is a luxurious combination of 100% organic natural products and therapeutic massage with a strong Thai influence.

The next step in the journey is a deeply soothing, healing and detoxifying thermal mud bath. The body is completely covered with therapeutic mud, while the guest relaxes on an internally heated stone bench. The pores of the skin are open from the heat of the mudroom and the previous stages of the Hammam process, and the dead skin removed, allowing the minerals of the mud to be absorbed into the body. This is not only wonderfully detoxifying and soothing for the skin, it helps to reduce inflammation in the body, thus reducing aches, pains and muscular stiffness. After several minutes, a gentle steam infuses the mud room, softening the mud in order to be easily rinsed off.

After rinsing, guests rest in a soothing Himalayan Salt cave relaxation zone. Negative ions released into the air of the salt room are akin to those of the fresh ocean air, and the salt elements are particularly beneficial for the  respiratory system. The Thai Hammam Experience ends with Amatara’s Signature Massage for ultimate  relaxation.

For the Hammam itself, Amatara has created an exquisite architectural design to deliver its Thai Hammam programs, a mix of traditional Turkish and Moroccan influences with modern Asian style and luxurious elegance. The Thai elements of the Hammam are built around gentleness and a sense of wisdom referred to in the cascading mosaics, modern, clean geometry, and gold-coloured Turkish fittings and accompaniments.

The Thai Hammam Experience is so memorable and invigorating that it is now included with any wellness package stay at Amatara Resort & Wellness. The program launches officially from March 2016.

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