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best travel agency for new zealand

We’re pleased to announce that Jetabout Holidays was recently voted by the people as a winner of Traveller’s Choice 2017 as Best Travel Agency for New Zealand. We are thankful for your continued support and contributions to our perspective on learning to serve you better. The growth we’ve experienced over the years is because of travellers like you, who faithfully support our business.

What makes New Zealand so special, you asked? The first impression you should know about New Zealand is the friendliness of the the people, dramatic scenery and outdoor lifestyle. Think sand dunes, mountains, geyser and caves! This excitement you gained from conquering a new destination is one of the biggest reason why people love to travel to countries like New Zealand. A “Kiwi getaway” is an amazing opportunity for you to do something different and challenging, especially something that you cannot do in at home.

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You’d be able look back and start to have a sense of familiarity for the country you’ve visited. Let us help you make that trip to New Zealand happen and you’ll see why you will feel the sense of fulfillment and new level of fun.

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