The Beauty of Ho Chi Minh City

Vietnam is a beautiful country that offers an amazing plethora of experiences. Ho Chi Minh City is one of the many incredible cities to holiday at with your family and friends.

From urban comforts to eye-opening experiences, here are four good reasons to start packing for a trip to Vietnam’s largest city!


Vietnam has gone through various historical milestones, each adding character to a country that is now developing towards a progressive nation. When you’re in Ho Chi Minh City, you’re reminded of the history through the elegant French colonial buildings, european-styled pavements that has weathered the test of time, Vietnam Tunnel Systems (Cu Chi tunnels) used during the war and iconic landmarks such as Hotel Majestic and Reunification Palace.


The city’s name is in itself a reflection of history – Ho Chi Minh was the first leader of North Vietnam (although that was not his birth name). It is no wonder the city is sometimes referred to as romantic and is one of the reasons why the city has enchanted millions of tourists every year! If you’re looking for an enriching experience, every minute in Ho Chi Minh will be worth your time.

Culture and tradition

Having had a long history – from a small fishing village, it expanded its settlement and through colonization by the French, independence and the war, many historical influences can be seen in the people’s daily lives. Day tours are a great eye-opener to introduce yourselves into the lives, traditions and culture of the people and the Saigon river cruise is an experience you must try!

If you are planning to take a day tour, we recommend you do extensive research for reliable tour companies. Where possible, visit the tour companies when you’re there before making any sorts of payments. Tours are usually for groups ferried by buses.

To keep your mind at ease, private tours are always the best option. Private tours offer your smaller travel groups and give you a great first-hand experience upclose without needing to wait your turn. Just note when you are traveling, tips are accepted in US Dollars, and usually a 1-2 USD tip is sufficient.


Food is more than just Pho or Banh Mi – rice, greens, pork and soup are staples in Vietnamese cuisine. You’ll find street food everywhere and they are common as well as affordable. You’ll also find the juxtaposition of cafes and street stalls being only metres from each other surprising – the city caters to locals and tourists thus there are no boundaries.

Vietnamese food is mild to begin with, so if you love spicy food, the condiments and chopped chilis are always available upon request. Try the street food if you have a chance – the experience is different from eating by the roadside in other countries!

One of the best places to start hunting for authentic Vietnamese food is the markets – you’ll have a great adventure just looking and walking around before you choose your dish to try!

Luxury a stone’s throwaway

Remember we mentioned that street stalls and shopping malls are just next to each other? In Ho Chi Minh City, you’ll always have the option to go for comfort and luxury – be it for food, accommodation or tours. If you prefer coffee and a café and delicious juicy burgers – the malls and restaurants have so much to offer. Service and quality is impeccable at many places, and the locals are very friendly and warm.

Luxury accommodation is aplenty – and if you’re looking for a stay along one of Vietnam’s beautiful coastlines, Vung Tau is a highly recommended destination just a couple of hours away. There are four beaches in Vung Tau, and a resort overlooking the sea is not hard to find. The sandy white beaches and clear blue seas are amazing from your hotel window right down to the shoreline! Just note that taxis are slightly more expensive here than back in Ho Chi Minh City, so getting your private tours sorted before you arrive might a good idea.

Ho Chi Minh City is an amazing experience. The city still romantically known as Saigon is bustling and developing into Vietnam’s cosmopolitan city and is growing in stature with each year. The essence of the country is still very much ingrained in the city’s culture, style and people – it’s a truly magical city to be in and experience.

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