Taiwanese Gourmet Trip

Taiwan is a cosmopolitan state rich in tradition, history and culture. The different influences throughout its history have inspired creative fusion seen in their street snacks, food, sculptures and attractions. Experience the heart of Asia through our Gourmet Trip package. Below are some destinations you’ll be heading to with us on our tour package!

Xitou Monster Village

Xitou Monster Village

Located in the scenic Nantou City, the Xitou Monster Village is a fairly new attraction that sees about 200,000 tourists a month! Inspired by Japan’s Mizuki Shigeru Road (named after its popular manga artist Shigeru Mizuki), this shopping district features beautiful structures, sculptures and landscapes against a scenic park backdrop. The Xitou Monster Village offers some insights into the Japanese supernatural monsters through its sculptures and art.

The Xitou Monster Village offers great Taiwanese snacks and food, with a range of food stalls you can choose from. The popular bakery with its freshly baked bread and aptly named products will entice you to want them all! And of course, the wonderful, quirky souvenirs that Taiwan is well-known for are also on sale here.

Qigu Salt Field and Qigu Oyster Farm

A sight you’ll never see in Singapore, the Qigu Salt Field is a historical destination that offers insights to Taiwan’s agricultural and industrial development. The Qigu Salt Field housed the largest solar salt field in Taiwan once upon a time, and is now a recreational destination with the Qigu Salt Mountain as one of the popular destinations by both international and local tourists.

While in Qigu, the Qigu Oyster Farm is a must-visit destination in Taiwan. Here you are rewarded with a spectacle on how oysters are reared on these floating farms and plucked for a wonderful feast! Grilled oysters are a definite must when you’re at Qigu Oyster Farm!

Chiufen – the mountain village

Chiufen (Jiufen Old Street)

Chiufen (Jiufen Old Street) is a quiet mountain village with a mesmerizing array of teahouses and retro-themed Chinese cafes. It was recently revived as a tourist attraction in the 1990s and early 2000s when the village was featured in a film and modeled for an anime movie.

You’ll definitely enjoy soaking in the serene atmosphere amidst the enticing aromas of deliciousness the cafes have to offer. This is one of the best places for beautiful photos and unique souvenirs.

Sun Moon Lake

Sun Moon Lake

The largest lake in Taiwan has its name from its unique landscape that looks like the Sun on one side and the Moon on the other. Touted as one of Taiwan’s Eight Wonders, this will be one of your most memorable destinations in Taiwan. There are various activities to do such as cycling, trekking the trail and appreciating the beautiful surroundings of the magical, picturesque sights the lake behold.

These are just some of the destinations in our Gourmet Trip package. For a full view of the itinerary, check out our Taiwan Gourmet Trip package here.

Travel tips to Taiwan

A great way to travel Taiwan is with a tour guide. If you’re unfamiliar with the state and the many cities to tour in, a guide will ensure you don’t miss your transportation or waste time finding your way around.

At Jetabout Holidays, our Gourmet Trip package does not include and “shopping” stops. We bring you to wonderful attractions where souvenir shops are a part of the location and not the destination. We ensure quality transportation, a helpful, professional guide and a wonderful travel experience.

How long should you spend in Taiwan? We suggest you set aside at least one week – there is just so much to do! If you’re looking for a customized package, our Jetabout Holidays staff will be happy to discuss your plans and schedule.


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