Finland’s Magical Northern Lights Tour

If you’re planning a magical, once-in-a-lifetime holiday but you have no idea where you should go, look no further. Finland is one of the best holiday destinations in the world and you’ll never experience a holiday as magical as a Finland Northern Lights Tour!

Famed for its 200,000 lakes and the well-regarded notion that Santa Claus probably resides in this country, Finland is a much-loved vacation spot for all travelers looking for an amazing adventure. Here are some of the amazing things to do when you’re there!

Aurora Borealis Excursion

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When you’re in the Arctic Circle, the subarctic climate means you are much more likely to sight upon the Aurora Borealis. This natural light phenomenon is a wonderful visual display in the sky. It is a natural wonder everyone wishes to view in person at least once in their lives.

When you’re in such a beautiful country, enjoy as much time as you can appreciating the mesmerizing landscapes of Finland. Try out the experiences it has to offer – even if you have done skiing before, skiing here in Finland is a very different experience. When traveling near the Christmas season, there are seasonal activities to enjoy.

The Northern Light over the marsh landscape with wildflowers in Landmannarlaugar, Iceland — Photo by Corepics
Northern Light



Rovaniemi is a magical city located south of Finland. To get to Rovaniemi, you would be crossing into the Arctic Circle! The airport runway in Rovaniemi cuts across the imaginary Artic Circle line, so you can officially say you have been to the Arctic! This is a popular ritual many travelers undertake.

What is fascinating about this administrative city is that it is officially the hometown of Santa Claus, and there is a Santa Claus village, a park and even a post office from where you can send yourself a postcard (it’ll have a stamp marking your postcard is from where Santa Claus is!).

@Image credit to Raija Lehtonen, Tourism Finland


Where Santa Claus is, reindeers will be there too! So you will have a chance to get up close to these majestic creatures and even try your hands at sleighing with one too! Of course, you’ll get to meet the merry man himself!


Northernmost Zoo Tour

Another great destination in Finland is the world’s northernmost zoo, housed within the Rauna Wildlife Park. Situated 80 kilometres from Rovaniemi, it is also known as the Artic zoo. About 50 different kinds of animals at the Park can be sighted including Arctic fox, beaver, lynx, moose, polar bear, reindeer and snowy owl.

This will be your one-of-a-kind zoo experience – the animals are native to the Arctic region and the authentic wilderness setting is a splendid way to catch the animals in their most natural behaviour.

Husky Safari

Another wonderful addition to your vacation itinerary is visiting the husky safari. Yes, these enthralling dogs with bewitching eyes are the ones that pull the sleds as they run. We’ve only seen them on screen in the movies or on TV shows, so here’s your chance to go on a dog sledding adventure through the beautiful forest in the snow.

Image credit to Raija Lehtonen, Tourism Finland


One tip when traveling to Finland in winter: the weather is really cold, especially when you’ve entered the Arctic Circle! Temperatures are well below zero, and it can go as low as -50°C. Heat packs are your best friends and good quality gloves and boots will keep your warm and comfortable throughout the amazing experience.

Finland is truly a magical country, and if you’re planning your December vacation there, the Christmas-sy mood, snow, reindeers, Santa Claus and the incredible Northern Lights will be the perfect Christmas you’ll ever had! Find out more about Jetabout Holiday’s 7 Nights Magical Finland  tour package here!



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