Escape to Paradise.. In Fiji Islands

This ‘Escape to Paradise in Fiji Islands’ travelogue touches on the island of South Viti Levu, Sigatoka town and Kuata island, is a continuation from my earlier article on my Fiji Islands adventure, where I explore the town of Savusavu in North Fiji, which many considered to be Fiji Islands’ best-kept secret. The beauty of Fiji Islands has a timeless and natural beauty quite unlike anywhere else in the world. Any vacationers, particularly those with interest in photography, will doubly enjoy the exotic and picture perfect islands.


Pure Fuji

My 1st stop on arriving on the island was Pure Fiji, a local manufacturer of natural earth-friendly and organic body care products. As the headquarter, the price here is the lowest anywhere in Fiji Islands. Locals and even tourists throng the place, buying their products in bulk. I had the chance to use their products during an earlier stay at Koro Sun Resort after which I became a fan of their hand-made soap and body lotion.


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