Top Ski Resorts in Japan & South Korea

A ski tour to Northeast Asia is one of the best ways to spend a ‘white’ Christmas vacation. South Korea and Japan are known for their spectacular and friendly ski resorts. If you’re planning a ski holiday this winter season, check out our recommendation of the best South Korea and Japan ski resorts!

South Korea’s Top Ski Resorts

Yongpyong Ski Resort (Pyeongchang)


This very popular ski resort is located on the eastern coast of South Korea, about 200 km from Seoul. It is renowned as the ‘Ski Mecca’ of Korea; the perennial supply of fresh powdered snow and about 25 km of well-maintained slopes make it one of the best places to snowboard and ski. Travelers and keen Korean-drama fans would immediately be able to identify with the resort – the popular Korean drama Winter Sonata was filmed here!

The most amazing thing is the fact that the slopes are open till midnight – thrill seekers can enjoy night skiing here!


Oak Valley

Yongpyong Resort
Yongpyong Resort

Ski Resort (Gangwon-do)

Oak Valley is an eco-resort surrounded by pristine natural landscape. The four-season family resort has something on offer for everyone with skiing, golfing, condos, and numerous other recreational options available to you.

The customer service is simply the best, a fact validated by the shuttle bus services offered by the resort during Christmas. The resort is smaller than others, and this means a less-crowded and cozier ski-holiday experience.

Here’s a map to the resort, courtesy of their website:


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Recommended Ski Resorts in Japan

Shirakaba Ski Resort (Nagano, Japan)


This is a family-run resort, ideally located a short walk away from the town center, ski-fields, and numerous shops and restaurants. The rooms are traditional, yet spacious, cozy, and comfortable.

Travelers get an authentic experience of sleeping on tatami mat as well as get to enjoy onsen baths (baths with natural ‘hot springs’ water). The resort also offers buffet dinners with cuisines from all over the world. Rental equipment and other ski gear are provided at reasonable prices.

Our recommended hotel while you’re here is the Shirakaba Ikenotaira Resort – the largest leisure hotel that boasts a traditional-contemporary feel in its lush environment just beside Lake Shirakaba. If you’re interested in staying at the plush, sprawling resort, check out the Jetabout promotion – you can to save ¥ 2,000 with our package that includes free entries to the interactive Silhoutte Museum and Teddy Bear Museum. On top of that, you also get complimentary ski-lift pass and ski gear rental – not just for a day, but for two days! See the full details of our package.

Getting to the resort is easy, with several different ways of access. Find out more on how to get to the resort here.

Karuizawa Ski Resort (Nagano, Japan)

Just an hour’s train-ride away from Tokyo, Karuizawa is the perfect Christmas getaway for families. The snow that falls here is drier and hence skiing and snowboarding options are not that challenging.


This upmarket resort has many other recreational activities, especially for children. Adults can enjoy shopping, golfing, and soothing hot springs. It is also the only resort in the country to provide hotel rooms as well as luxury cottage accommodations.


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The town has hosted both Summer and Winter Olympic events – it’s the only town in the world that can say so! You’re surely to enjoy yourself with the number of activities abound. Getting here is a journey on its own – the amazing bullet train (locally known as the Shinkansen) is in itself a highlight for tourists.


Hoshino Resort Tomamu (Shimukappu Village, Hokkaido, Japan)


Located in Shimukappu Village, Hokkaido, the Hoshino Resort Tomamu is one of the major ski resorts in Japan. It offers just about everything to make your Christmas vacation the grandest ever. Just look at some of the endless attractions the resort offers:

  • ski-runs for beginners as well as experts,
  • gondola sightseeing tours,
  • eateries and restaurants,
  • inflatable boat rides pulled by a snowmobile,
  • onsen baths,
  • a unique ‘ice village’ with an ice bar, skating rink, ice chapel, and ice restaurant,
  • the largest indoor wave pool in Japan,
  • spas to relax and unwind,
  • ropeway rides to the unkai terrace where clouds dance beneath your feet
  • and more!


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It’s just amazing what you can try at this resort, it’s one of the best resorts we’d recommend! Getting here from the airports is quite convenient as the resort is in the heart of Hokkaido. More details on the resort can be found here.


There are many more ski resorts in Japan and South Korea. For the leisure travelers looking for an all-encompassing ski holiday, these are our recommended choices.

If you’re looking for a customized tour or a different arrangement, click here for our complete Japan ski packages or click here for our South Korea ski packages.  You can also  contact our travel specialist to plan the perfect ski holiday for you and your travel buddies or families!

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