5 reasons to visit Japan in the Spring ❀

Japan is a beautiful country – for those who’ve been there, your vacation would’ve provided many memorable moments. From the warm hospitality to incredible scenery to delicious cuisines, it’s no wonder Japan attracted millions of tourists annually.

So what can you do in Japan in springtime? Plenty! Here are 5 reasons why springtime is the best time to visit Japan!

Hundreds of thousands of cherry blossom

The sakura phenomenon isn’t unique to Japan. However, it is entwined in Japan’s tradition, culture and history – along with the sheer number of cherry blossom trees in Japan – make the cherry blossom experience here incomparable.

Aizuwakamatsu Castle and cherry blossom in Fukushima, Japan
Aizuwakamatsu Castle and cherry blossom in Fukushima, Japan

As you enjoy a picnic under the blooming trees (this is known as hanami), it would be interesting to note that cherry blossom season occurs from late March till May throughout Japan, depending on the climate of the particular area. Typically April is the peak season, where cherry blossom trees bloom for about a week or two before the flowers wither.

Mother Nature is simply amazing, and Japan’s cherry blossom season is just incredible. It’s the perfect reason to pack up and travel to Japan this spring season!

Be one with Mother Nature

Japan is the perfect getaway when you need tranquility and some quality time with nature.

Goshiki-numa is definitely one of the stops you should make when you’re in Japan. It is a cluster of five volcanic lake and was formed in year 1888 when Mount Bandai erupted. The eruption caused minerals to deposit in five lakes, giving each its distinct hue from red to blue. The colour changes throughout the season and this is one of the hottest spots in Japan.



Another spot to visit is Jigoku “Hell Valley”, naturally cratered when Mount Kuttara erupted 20,000 years ago. This 25-acre crater is surrounded by red stone cliffs with many holes shooting boiling hot water from the ground with a roar. Feels like hell, but it is an amazing creation of nature.

You can also enjoy a visit to the renowned Hanamiyama Park during cherry blossom season in spring for an immaculate cherry blossom experience.

Feast healthy

Jigokudani hell valley walking trail in Noboribetsu, Hokkaido, Japan
Jigokudani hell valley walking trail in Noboribetsu, Hokkaido, Japan

The Japanese lead a long and healthy life – and two biggest influences to this fact are their diet and environment. While controlling your native environment back home can be tricky, feasting on a healthy diet of udon, seafood, BBQ meals, buffets and sushi couldn’t be bad for you (of course moderation is key!).


When you’re in Hokkaido, don’t miss the eat-all-you-can Hokkaido crab legs buffet! You’ll never get it elsewhere so fresh and so easily. The juicy, succulent and tender crab meat is the perfect indulgence.

Crabs packed in ice on sale at a morning seafood market in Hakodate, Japan.
Crabs packed in ice on sale at a morning seafood market in Hakodate, Japan.

You can also grab the delicious traditional snacks when you’re at the Hakodate Morning Market, Paseo Shopping Mall or Nakamise Shopping Street. Yummy!

Indulge the chef in you

Sometimes, eating is just not enough – you need to know how to make these delicious foods you’re having.

Learn to make your own delicious ice-cream at Lake Hill Farm, or cherry-pick your favourite fruit at Sou-betsu Fruit Farm whilst learning about the best cultivars and methods of planting the sweetest, juiciest fruits. Visit Ishiya Chocolate in Otaru and learn the history and process of making chocolate.

This could be a good start to a healthier you. Who knows?

Be a Spring Tourist

Japan’s cultural expanse, its deep-rooted traditions and centuries-old practices are delicate. There are symbolic meanings to actions and settings and it’s worth immersing yourself in the Japanese way of life even if it’s only for a few days.

Beyond the onsen baths (or even the hot-sand baths at Ibusuki), there is much to discover. Journey to Nikko Toshogu, a World Heritage site and home to lavish ornamental carvings representative of Japanese architecture. Kakunodate Samurai Residence offers you insights to the history of samurais and their lifestyle. Mt Usu also offers a glimpse into the devastation of an earthquake – its aftermath plain to see.


There’s a lot to take in when you’re in Japan. The best way around is for someone who knows what you’re looking for to chart the best route for you. A spring holiday might be on the cards for you, so remember to look beyond the spectacular sakura and enjoy
the many things life in Japan has in store for you!



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