Australia’s Biggest (And Best) Events of 2018

Make the most of your annual leave this year with a list of Australia’s best, biggest and most electrifying events that promise a good time and good vibes only.

It’s that time of the year again, when you start marking out long weekends and public holidays on your calendar. And with Australia’s impressive line-up of festivals and events, there is plenty going on no matter where or when you choose to visit.

Here’s a snapshot of what you can experience Down Under — and why you need to start penciling in these dates now!

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6 New Year Resolutions For Avid Travelers

The beginning of a new year signals an opportunity for a fresh start to reflect on resolutions that matters to you. You may strive to be healthier, learn something new or just be a better, more optimistic person by exploring new places.

When it comes to travel, everything eventually boils down to knowing what you are looking for and then planning the nitty-gritty details from booking your trip early to choosing the right dates and people with you. Checkout these travel bucket list that we’ve put together in welcoming 2018. Continue reading “6 New Year Resolutions For Avid Travelers”

5 Surprising Things To Do In Melbourne

Australia’s capital of culture brings many surprises for travellers on the hunt for exciting city-based experiences

Ranked as the world’s most liveable city for the sixth year running, Melbourne has all the elements of a must-visit urban destination: a buzzing culture-rich core, a love for coffee and celebration, hip precincts, and lush parkland topped off with breathtaking nature.

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4 travel tips for Pokémon trainer

Are you in the middle of planning a holiday trip, but don’t want to miss out on your Pokémon adventure? We know what will help – a handy guide to maximize your adventure abroad and who knows – for the die-hard Pokémon aficionados such as Nick Johnson, this may even determine where you’ll travel to “catch ‘em all” and adds a unique flare to your holiday experience. Continue reading “4 travel tips for Pokémon trainer”

10 Tips Every Travel photographer Must Know


Research where you are visiting

It’s always recommended that you research the place you will be visiting. Basic information like the venue orientation (facing east or west, etc) will let you plan ahead to shoot sunrise or sunset pictures. Some knowledge of the local culture or festivals will present you with unique photographic opportunities. The more informed you are, the more story your pictures will tell. Continue reading “10 Tips Every Travel photographer Must Know”