6 New Year Resolutions For Avid Travelers

The beginning of a new year signals an opportunity for a fresh start to reflect on resolutions that matters to you. You may strive to be healthier, learn something new or just be a better, more optimistic person by exploring new places.

When it comes to travel, everything eventually boils down to knowing what you are looking for and then planning the nitty-gritty details from booking your trip early to choosing the right dates and people with you. Checkout these travel bucket list that we’ve put together in welcoming 2018. Continue reading “6 New Year Resolutions For Avid Travelers”

Australia’s Oldest Surviving German Village – Hahndorf

Hahndorf is a small town in the Adelaide Hills within South Australia. This place is accessible within an easy 30min drive via the South Eastern Freeway from Adelaide. The German influence in Hahndorf noticeable and is seen in the traditional fachwerk architecture of the original surviving buildings.

Jensen Chua recently explored the restaurants and shops in the town serving German cuisine. He also visited the German migration museum, where he got to learn about stories behind the artefacts.

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Apex Of Luxury Maldivian Getaways

Visitors who usually seek to enjoy the Maldivian paradise can be overwhelmed by the wide range of premium accommodation as each resort seeks to distinguish itself with unique features and no–holds–barred services.

This article will help you rediscover why you should pick Soneva Jani as your Maldives getaway

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The Luxury Paradise at The Baa Atoll

The very mention of Maldives always evolves an image of coconut palms on a tiny island, of azure crystal clear water, of postcard perfect scenery be it land or underwater. Yes, I can’t imagine anyone not falling in love with this tropical paradise. But just as true, are the pricey premium resorts that many would dream about and consider a vacation here “a trip of a lifetime” or something on their bucket list. Thus, as a travel blogger with Jetabout Holidays, I had the luck to experience more than half a dozen high-end resorts over a short period of time. It opened my eyes to the distinctively different features and characters of each resort.. Continue reading “The Luxury Paradise at The Baa Atoll”

Escape to Paradise.. In Fiji Islands

This ‘Escape to Paradise in Fiji Islands’ travelogue touches on the island of South Viti Levu, Sigatoka town and Kuata island, is a continuation from my earlier article on my Fiji Islands adventure, where I explore the town of Savusavu in North Fiji, which many considered to be Fiji Islands’ best-kept secret. The beauty of Fiji Islands has a timeless and natural beauty quite unlike anywhere else in the world. Any vacationers, particularly those with interest in photography, will doubly enjoy the exotic and picture perfect islands. Continue reading “Escape to Paradise.. In Fiji Islands”

Australia’s Northern Territory: Take a Walk on the Wild Side

Take a break from the bright lights, big cities and living in the fast lane; adventure awaits in the Outback.
Australia’s mysterious Northern Territory (NT) boasts dreamy landscapes, dramatic waterfalls and colorful wildlife, and is just under a five-hour flight from Singapore to NT’s capital city Darwin. If you are in search of rich and soulful travel experiences then it’s time to leave behind the hustle and bustle of metropolitan cities for an adventurous time in wild Australia. Continue reading “Australia’s Northern Territory: Take a Walk on the Wild Side”

Award Winning Indonesian Resort Nihiwatu.. is under new ownership

7th April 2017 – J. Christopher Burch, founder and CEO of Burch Creative Capital, an entrepreneur and active investor across a wide range of industries for nearly thirty years acquired Nihiwatu on the Indonesian island of Sumba in 2013 in partnership with acclaimed hotelier James McBride.  Mr. Burch has been a strategic investor in multiple technology and luxury brands, including  C. Wonder, Aliph (Jawbone), NextJump, PowerMat, Voss Water and Tory Burch. Continue reading “Award Winning Indonesian Resort Nihiwatu.. is under new ownership”

#1 Best Travel Agency for New Zealand – Jetabout Holidays

best travel agency for new zealand

We’re pleased to announce that Jetabout Holidays was recently voted by the people as a winner of Traveller’s Choice 2017 as Best Travel Agency for New Zealand. We are thankful for your continued support and contributions to our perspective on learning to serve you better. The growth we’ve experienced over the years is because of travellers like you, who faithfully support our business. Continue reading “#1 Best Travel Agency for New Zealand – Jetabout Holidays”

NATAS Travel Fair 2017 – Jetabout Holidays

Why, it’s one more day left to NATAS Travel Fair!

We’re as excited as you because of these crazy, MAD promotions that lets you push your travel plans forward. We’ve got everything, your itineraries together in a way you could save up to visit these amazing countries such as Australia, Europe, Fiji, Korea, Maldives and Mongolia! You’ll also make most out of your trips with additional perks you’ll love. Continue reading “NATAS Travel Fair 2017 – Jetabout Holidays”