3 Must-Do Weekend Markets Down Under with Great Vibes (and Coffee!)

Weekends are best spent with a flat white in hand, wandering through weekend markets in Australia

Say what you like but there is absolutely nothing like spending your weekends with a flat white in hand while winding your way around a weekend market in one of Australia’s vibrant neighbourhoods. Not only is it the perfect antidote to a big night out but it is also a great place to score a bargain, pick up a one-of-a-kind trinket and taste fresh pickings from a farmer’s garden.

Here’s the lowdown on where to get your coolest weekend market fix in Australia.

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Feast and Forage: a Taste of Australia’s Freshest

From fruit picking to truffle hunting, Australia offers dining straight from the source.

Why wait for your food when you can have it ASAP? That’s right, you can pick your food straight from the forest, trees or seas across Australia. Stretching from Perth to Tasmania, you can dig into some of the freshest and juiciest produce gathered straight from its source.  With truffle hunting and oyster shucking on the menu, you will surely be unable to resist these food-centric expeditions. Continue reading “Feast and Forage: a Taste of Australia’s Freshest”

4 Epic Australian Road Trips to Ring in the New Year

From a foodie’s road trip across markets, festivals and farms to a self-driving route that will take you swimming with manta rays, there’s no better way to kick-start 2018 than with the road trip of a lifetime in Australia!

Get ready to hit the open road with the windows down, music turned up and a cooler filled with refreshments. Here are four road trips across Australia, from Tasmania to the Northern Territory that will give you a serious case of wanderlust! Continue reading “4 Epic Australian Road Trips to Ring in the New Year”

Update Your 2018 Travel Bucket List With Some Brand New Australian Experiences

You don’t have to travel to the ends of the earth for incredible, once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Update your 2018 travel bucket list with some of the very latest must-not-miss Australian experiences now!

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Postcard-Perfect Beach Paradises of Australia

Shake up your beach holiday with picture-perfect backgrounds, delicious Aussie fare and eclectic shopping — just a stone’s throw away from Australia’s city centres

Home to over 10,000 beaches, it’s unsurprising that Australia has some of the world’s most pristine and picturesque coastal precincts. From beaches lined with multi-coloured bathing boxes to sculptures along spectacular coastlines, we handpick the country’s three finest stretches of paradise that will have you raring for a quick seaside escape pronto. Continue reading “Postcard-Perfect Beach Paradises of Australia”

It’s Wine O’clock! Adventures Behind Australia’s Cellar Doors

Ever wondered what goes on behind some of Australia’s leading cellar doors?

If you think that wine regions are just about wine tastings and lunch pairings, then you are in for a big surprise! Besides a reputation for fine wine and some of the world’s best cellar doors, Australia’s wineries also offer a blend of unique activities.

Planning a day trip or long vacation among vineyards? Here are some of Australia’s best wine regions, guaranteed to keep you in high spirits with non-stop fun and delicious wines. Most of these wine regions are a short drive from the city — rent a car, appoint a designated driver and bring along a jacket, as it can get pretty cool in the evenings.

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The Sky’s the Limit: Adventures Above Australia

Take your next Australian holiday to new heights, as you discover rolling vineyards, technicolour reefs and windswept coasts — all while you are thousands of feet in the air!

Sure, a night exploring Melbourne’s snazzy suburb Fitzroy and its many hidden underground bars or a day spent traipsing Sydney’s sparkling harbour is fun. But why limit your experience of Australia to on-ground activities when you can see some of the country’s most iconic landmarks from thousands of feet in the air. You’ll be guaranteed a bird’s-eye view of some of the most spectacular sights in the country. Continue reading “The Sky’s the Limit: Adventures Above Australia”

It’s Makan Time!

It’s Makan Time! 7 Iconic Food and Drink Experiences that Everyone Die, Die Must Try in Australia

Ever heard of avo-on-toast or barbies? If you haven’t, then it’s time you revisit Australia for a taste of some of its extraordinary local delights!

You may have heard about kangaroo steaks and crocodile jerky under the stars. But you don’t have to go to extremes to taste delicious Australian treats. Good food is easy to find in Australia and it’s probably why in a recent ABC news article, chef extraordinaire Heston Blumenthal called Australia’s food scene an example for the rest of the world.

Not sure where to kick-start your culinary adventure? Here is a list of some of Australia’s most delicious national treasures and where to find them. Continue reading “It’s Makan Time!”