Canon Fiesta 2019 – Rottnest Island, Western Australia

This is Canon Imaging Academy 2nd Canon Fiesta event. The 1st Fiesta was organised at Batam in 2018 while this time round, it’s held at Rottnest Island (Western Australia) from the 4-7 September 2019. The annual once-a-lifetime sold-out event is highly anticipated by shutterbugs looking to pick up new skills or bring it to a different level.

Attendees reaped valuable photo tips under the guidance of award-winning CIA Instructors Joseph Goh and Lance Leong, in genres that include long exposure, stars, portrait, landscape, nature photography and more, on the island that is renowned as the home of the ‘World’s Happiest’ marsupial – the cute Quokka. The event wrapped up with a photo contest and a premium lunch in Perth at the Crown Hotel.

Beyond sharpening photography skills and the fun of travel, attendees get to network and make new friends that will render their photographic journey henceforth more fun and engaging.

The event is non-brand specific ( yes, you don’t need to own a Canon camera to participate in the event ) and based on the positive feedback, interest is already strong for the next Canon Fiesta in 2020.

Event Gallery 

The participants all decked out in their Canon Fiesta polo-shirts. One for the album !

Workshop in a comfortable function room at the Karma Rottnest, just 7min walk from the trip accommodation at Discovery Rottnest Island, a luxury eco-tent glamping resort. The shooting location are just steps away from the conveniently located resort.

Joseph sharing tips on long exposure and the roles of filters in the genre. Full no-hold tips sharing session, compressing skills learnt through the years in bite-sized pieces for everyone.

Lance sharing valuable tips on astrophotography. We may not be able to enjoy the stars much in light-polluted Singapore, but it opens up a new avenue when going on overseas trips

Chartered coach ride to another part of the island, exclusively for the attendees only.

All up early and ready to capture the beautiful start of the day. Looks colder than it is in the picture…like single digit cold.

Putting the tips learnt during the workshop into good use. Still not so sure? No worries, help always on hand. That’s the beauty of photo workshop.

“Canon Delights You Always” moment captured.

Beautiful moment included in the photo workshop package. Suddenly, it all makes sense why you travelled almost 4000 kilometres here.

360º possibility of photo angles, limited only by imagination..

Age is never the limit.

There always time for a selfie.

Local professional models provided for portraits photography, no need to look just for Quokkas.

Talk on local wildlife by certified ranger giving participants some insights to the animals and fauna of the island.

Trail walk and wildlife spotting along the island preserved park .


Bathurst Lighthouse long exposure by Liu Zhen .

Between the Rough and Smooth by Shayne Tay

Misty seascape by David Gay

Hues of Dawn by Mylene.

Dawn of a New Day by Myra.

Colourful End to the Day by Lawrence

A Mood Monochromatic Take by Lawrence Lim

Stairway to Adventure by David Gay

Bathurst Lighthouse and cloudscape by Che Kuan Yau

The waves of Nautilus by Mabel.

Nature’s Swimming Pool by Lawrence Chua

The Blue Yonder by Anthony Lum

Getting on Top of Matter, by Myra.

Dreamy seagull by Che Kuan Yau

In Mommy’s Home by Myra.

Star Trails by Mabel.

Milky Way by Cindy Loo (Event Coordinator, Jetabout Holidays)

Couple’s Moment by Emily Ang.

–CANON FIESTA 2019 WINNING SHOT—Dusk moment captured by Liu Zhen

— CANON FIESTA 2019 SPECIAL PRIZE —Model Mood Shot by Kelly Juan