About Travel Blog

A blog is only interesting as the interest shown in others –  Lee Odden


Travel Blog by Jetabout Holidays is a great place to share personal stories experienced by travelers from different backgrounds in Singapore!

We know that going on a trip could be vary from person to person because of all tedious planning involved. We are fortunate to have special guest writers who brings out travel aspects that appeals to them. You will especially find these articles useful if it is your first time visiting the particular holiday destination.

In this blog, you’ll have good mix of popular places to see, trends and interesting perspective on travels, as well as firsthand travel planning tips to make that special vacation a memorable once. Having been in travel scene for over 30 years, we have always been inspired to share unique travel stories in hope that more people will get inspired to live, work and travel round the world.

We want to know your story! Travel differently, be inspired and take a trip with us!

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